Hate The Game By Winter Renshaw


Talon Gold is a lot of things: good at football, bad at love. Obsessed with scoring, refuses to play by the rules. Cruel. Relentless. Brilliant. Intoxicatingly attractive.

Despite his demanding reputation and propensity for being the most arrogant a-hole ever to strut Pacific Valley University’s picturesque campus, everyone wants a piece of him: coaches, scouts, and pretty little fangirls with pouty lips and perfect top knots.

But Talon … he only wants a piece of me.

And four straight years of infuriating rejection means I’m almost positive he’d take a night with me over a national championship trophy.

But I’m no fool—he only wants me because he can’t have me. And with graduation approaching, time is running out. He’s more desperate than ever, pulling out all the stops and doing everything in his power to get in my good graces.

They say, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

But to that I say, “Why not both?”

I have my reasons …

Sorry, BMOC. This victory? Not going to happen.

My Thoughts

When I first read the synopsis for this book my eyes saw the words football and romance and I was sold. I’m a huge football fan so whenever I get to read love stories about football players it’s easy to say I geek out.
Overall, I liked this book, it didn’t make me swoon like I thought it would, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Its definitely a quick read (I read it one sitting) For a standalone book it packed a lot of info into a few chapters, but I think this could have made a great series; developing on the characters and their choices a little more.
Maybe the part of me that loves the heartbreak of romance novels wished there was a little bit more of that in it. Overall, I give the book 4 out of 5 stars! I’m looking forward to reading more from Winter after seeing she has multiple series already out.

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