who breaks first by eva ashwood


They were my bullies once.

Three boys I hated more than anything.

They made my life hell for a year–until I escaped their cruelty when my dad’s job moved us away.

I’ve never forgotten them though. Never forgotten what they did. And I know they haven’t forgotten me.

But when I’m offered a full-ride scholarship to the prestigious Clearwater University, I refuse to let old fears stop me from accepting.

Because I’m not the girl I used to be.

I’m stronger. Tougher.


And if West, Reese, and Trent think they can screw with me again… well.

We’ll just see who breaks first.

My Thoughts

HOLY CRAP THIS BOOK!!!! I am absolutely obsessed with this book. It literally left me on the edge of the seat the entire time I read it. This book is about a girl who is in love with 3 guys who all love her back. That’s the PG synopsis anyways 😉
This book is so sexy and kinky. Super kinky fuckery that I am ALL about.  Like some chapters I had to close my kindle app like oh hot damn🔥 I  also to just love the story line, how she was once this weak girl who  blossomed into a bad ass alpha female and brings these boys to their knees one at a time. I love how she’s equally in love with all 3 of them for different reasons and vice versa, there’s so many storylines to follow but Eva makes it, so you don’t get lost or frustrated keeping up with them.  
It ends in the ultimate of ultimate cliffhangers and I’ve already pre-ordered the next two books of the series WAITING to see how it’s all going to turn out.

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